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    he came over to me today and told me he appreciated me. i asked him why? what did i do? (i actually did a lot for him) and he said everything i do. then he added i give him butterflies.
    it seemed so genuine and heartfelt but thing is he’s taken. he did admit he wanted to be fwb before but i rejected. then somehow he thought i was married and believed it. he kept asking but i never denied it, so he maybe believed it. he still flirts excessively but would there be a chance he actually is catching feelings for me now and sees me romantically and not just sexually?


    Hi ph,

    It is unlikely that he is catching feelings for you now.

    If he’s taken, there is a good chance that he has been flirting excessively with you because he has reached a point where he has taken his relationship with his girlfriend for granted and gotten comfortable.

    Guys who flirt with other girls when they are already in a relationship often do it to boost their egos and reassure themselves that they can still have an effect on other girls.

    It is not normally done because they are seeking a romantic or even sexual relationship with the girl that they are flirting with.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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