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    Palmira Gil

    Hi, I’m lesbian and I have this borderline personality disorder in my case is not so serious because I not hurt myself, o don’t have any kind of hallucinations and I’m looking a psychiatrist, but sometimes I crying and feel sad or have anxiety, I’m a teacher im 27 years and I’m a productive person in fact, I’m extroverted, the point is that in my relationships I’m a disaster, when I meet a girl everything is good in the beginning in fact they said that I’m intelligent, funny even they kiss me or I kiss them in the second date, but everything change in days, I think is because my disease I use to be so impatient and know if the girl want something serious, also the girls usually wants to have sex and I have this rule that not have sex only with my girlfriends, because I think they’ll go away and I will feel used like a toilet.. and I want doing sex with more love, not in the 4th date…. Sorry for write a lot but I think you could help me… Greetings

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