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    Hi, there. My ex and I decided to go on a break with the intent of eventually getting back together. Within 20 hours of our break she messaged one of her ex friends who she has had sexual relations with in the past. Knowing I do not like him because he confessed his love for her while being in a relationship himself a few months ago, am I wrong to be very angry at the fact shortly after our break she rekindled with him and spent the evening and night with him? She denies anything sexual happened.

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    Dark Red

    She wasn’t your girlfriend. It was just your turn.

    Here’s what I observed in a friend group. There’s this one guy who girls try to date and most of them get with one of his friends when they break-up…. He is currently dating one of his friends exes. Their relationship seems to be going well and it’s only awkward when her ex is around and people make jokes such as ” she’s sweating because they were banging in the closet”.

    She likely isn’t coming back but if she does try and set her up with one of your friends lol

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