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    5 years ago I was visiting my friend in another country when i attended a party with her and met a woman who said she was interested in me for her son. That woman went home that night and told my friend’s family and her own son that she had found him a wife, the perfect woman, etc etc. For the next 5 years this family attempted to get us together numerous times whenever I was in town again, about once a year, and in between would continue to tell our mutual friends that her son had his hearts set on me, would only marry me, etc etc. In January of last year, (it is currently June), I began noticing him and his family stalking my social media. They rarely missed a story, would visit my youtube channel and tell our family friends that they loved me. In march of this year, after over a year of “stalking” we were finally able to get together for a brief dinner, both our families. The guy and I had a chance to thoroughly speak and I think the meeting had gone well. We recieved a call from his mother the next day saying that they had all loved me and my family and were eagerly hoping to see us again. They however never followed up on this, whilst telling our family friends that they were waiting to see if I matched to a residency program in their city as planned, which does not happen until march of NEXT year – 2 years after the meeting. Recently, 3 months after that meeting, I bumped into the guy again, who promptly asked me out to lunch despite having made no attempt to contact me for those 3 months. When I told him I generally didnt go on dates with guys until my family was involved – he proceeded to volunteer to visit my city to meet my family and take me out ASAP. Long story short we decided to take advantage of the time we had in the same city and ended up going out on a date afterall. He picked me up, took me out, dropped me home, was extremely chivalrous the whole way through, albeit nervous. He told me he was interested in me but being long distance, he wanted to take baby steps in his pursuit. He wanted to be my friend and get to know me properly over the course of several dates before proceeding towards the traditional routes of “arranged” marriage. He asked if he could come visit me in my hometown in September, after I finish writing major medical board exams, 3 months later. He confirmed this plan several times to set it in stone. He apologised for having been so nonexistent in communication and explained that he had been unsure of my interest, and asked me to please please please not think he was disinterested if I didnt hear from him sporadically in the upcoming months, but KNEW that he had to be a better communicator and promised to be. It has been only 4 days after said date, and I have returned back home, but I have not heard from this guy at all. No follow up after the date, no safe flight message, no “did you arrive home safe” message, nothing. Should I believe what he says about being traditional and intending to visit and having interest, or should I accept his interest is mild if he does not communicate. Pls help

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