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    Hello everyone, fist time writing here.

    A guy seems interested in me lately, his friend tried to literally seduce me last year with his handsome looks last year but I told him I was not interested.

    For months now I have noticed there is something in his eyes when he says hello to me. My friends, in different occasions have asked me if there is anything going on between us. I was not even sure he would be interested.

    A week ago he added me on fb, we have common friends BUT my profile pic is not my photo, I don’t know how he recognized it was my profile with that nature profile pic. I accept and he send me a text, I answered one I saw it. The problem is he was online and he would not open my texts, but i would receive an answer after 7-8 hours. Now I know he is studying for exams but you can find a bit of time to chat with sb you are interested, no? He asked me a few questions nd that was it, at the end we were like “Yes”, “Indeed”.

    Im an easy person to talk to but in this case, it didnt happen. I’m interested in him, and it made me sad we are not chatting anymore. Is he just not that interested?

    Alan Vasquez

    I think he still has an interest in you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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