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    I met a guy a few months ago and at first I didn’t like him but he kept trying too hard to get to see me and talk to me so I thought he likes me then everything turned out sexual after 2 months it was just platonic at first then after he kept insisting we slept together for once which was not pleasurable for both of us and i was feeling miserable since it was my first time and he started acting weird afterwards and talking less and less to me then said I’m too meticulous and horrible until I found out he had a gf even before he got to know me and when I was upfront with him he told me to let him alone and never come across him or he will hurt me.after 1 month of no contact he called me once late at night I was I see him every now and then in work place and he acts like nothing happened ! He’s a weirdo !
    My question is what’s going on in his head right now? And why he called me ? Since I feel used and lied to 🙁


    Aww girl I’m so sorry that happened to you! I don’t know what is going through his head, but he’s a total nut case so stay away from him. He seems manipulating, first pressures you into taking your virginity by trying hard and the ghosting you afterwords and saying he has a gf acting like it’s your fault. It’s very possible he called you because he got in a fight with his gf and needed someones attention, you don’t wont someone like that. I suggest you stay away from him, and I can’t imagine how much betrayal you feel. Keep your head up babe, and don’t ever let someone pressure you into sex again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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