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    I have been talking to this girl for a month and a half now. She brought up going out on a date a couple of times and I obliged because I do like her. I took her on a date and it went well. The only thing that is bothering me is that she said that she loves me while we were on the date. Is she playing or is this normal?


    Hi Christian,

    She has gotten to know you over the course of the last month and a half. It normally takes a woman three to six months to fall in love. This normally happens when both parties are seeing each other on a regular basis for dates.

    Your situation with this particular girl is different. You both talked for a month and a half before finally getting to meet. That is a decent amount of time for a woman to fill in the blanks on what she believes you must be like as a person.

    Meaning, she can find herself falling in love with the man she thinks you are, as opposed to the man you really are, based on the conversations she has been having with you and the vibe she has been getting. And this can happen quite rapidly. Sooner than the average time it takes a woman to fall in love. That’s the power of imagination.

    Thread lightly though.

    By telling you that she loves you, she only has the persona that you have shown her through the conversations you were both involved in over the course of the last month and a half. You now need to show her who you are.

    The more dates you take her on, the more she gets to see your true personality. If it gels with what she has created in her mind for the past few weeks, she may end up falling in love with you even more. If it doesn’t, you aren’t going to hear her telling you that she loves you so easily.

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