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    I met this guy about a year and a half ago at school and Just recently saw him again and got the chance to talk to him. I’d had a crush on this guy for awhile and we friended each other on Facebook. I was kind of waiting for him to talk to me first and it’s been about a week since we friended each other until this past weekend I decided to send him a message, but he hasn’t responded or bothered to look at my message and he has been active occasionally online. I thought maybe he might be really busy and just hasn’t bothered looking at his messages. Should I just give it time?


    Just write to him
    Hey are u interrested in talking to me yes or no yes=superb no = i dont see a girlfriend in your persona

    I wanna help

    I think you should give him time or message him once more saying something like “what’s up?” There is several conclusions to each problem

    For example he may be to shy to message back
    Or he may have been hacked or your contact may of been deleted there are many reasons why he may not have been able to contact you so hang tight and wait a bit


    Hi there. He responded after two weeks now and we just asked how we been doing and what’s going on etc. We were talking about summer jobs and I giving him a nice compliment about this job he was going for and I have him a nice compliment,I hope you get the job and that I wish you good luck and he didn’t respond after that. I was really happy we talked. Progress right? Any suggestions on how I can make more progress with him?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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