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    Hi i see some girl in the commute to work on some occasions since some time ago, i changed the location to where i wait for the commute last week and i found out that she waits for the commute there.

    I find her attractive and would like to ask her out, but i dont know how to approach her and what to talk about before asking her out.

    Also i dont know if its a good idea to ask her out meanwhile we wait for the commute as i think it would be akward to get a response and then still be on the same commute the whole way to work or keep talking while in there (its quite a long ride, like 25-30 minutes).

    *Additional to this, we drop at the same stop as we work near, so idk if it adds to the full akwardness of asked her out since the start of our way to work

    Any advice would be helpful, thank you!

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    Hi cool_lad,

    The next time that you see this girl as you are waiting for your commute to work, approach her and introduce yourself.

    Be polite and friendly.

    You can then crack a joke that has something to do with the commute to make her laugh. This will make her feel relaxed, which allows her to let her guard down.

    There is no need to talk about something irrelevant for minutes on end before asking her out. It is best to just get on with it after the initial greeting and joke.

    Just tell her that you think she is attractive and that you would like to get to know her better over coffee, lunch, etc. This or a similar variation of it would work.

    It is best to ask her while you are both waiting for the commute. This way, it is still relatively quiet and there are no distractions.

    The only awkwardness that you will experience after asking her out is the one that you have created in your head. If you are polite and ask her out the right way, there should be no awkwardness afterwards, whether she accepts your offer or not.

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    Thanks for the feedback Luke, i’ve had a busy week and the only time i saw her was when we were already on the way to work, so no chance to approach her but looking to do it.

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    Hi cool_lad,

    Thanks for the update. Keep at it. You will get your opportunity to approach her.

    All the best.

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