A guy looking over his shoulder at you.

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    My crush and I have been exchanging looks the other day . It is a professional environment around us. The other day we have constantly been exchanging iContact. I look at him and I don’t smile, and he looks at me but he doesn’t smile either. He constantly walks past me and looks at me too. As he was walking away for me I was looking at him and he all of a sudden turned around over his shoulder to look at me and then he tured back around but no smile still. What does this mean, does he like me Or think I’m cute? Or does he think I am weird by looking at him so much? When I first met him, we were talking professionally and when we were finished talking he made an effort to get up and shake my hand and he does not do that with anyone else really . Now he is acting a little cold to me, and he tries to turn his head the other way like he is nervous about seeing me. Please do not say my name or email if you publish this on YouTube, thanks .

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