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    Hi! I met a guy over the summer in Europe. Had a good time with him. Forgot to exchange numbers with him! A few months later I found him on Facebook or thought I did. I sent him multiple texts asking if it was him I had met. I bombarded his messenger coz my messages were not getting delivered. Out of the blue a few days ago, I got a text from him saying “Sorry wrong person. Please don’t search me again!” Now I know it’s him! I didn’t reply to the message coz I felt it was rude. Now he hasn’t blocked me on messenger nor Facebook. Is there a chance of him admitting that it is him if I give him the silent treatment. I feel a message coming my way. I think I just came on too hard. Is my feeling right? Thank you for taking the time to read this. Love from Egypt.


    Hi Passant,

    There is very little chance that he will admit that it is him if you were to give him the silent treatment.

    If he truly wanted to stay in touch with you, he would have asked for your number at some point during the course of the summer vacation.

    Guys don’t forget to ask for the numbers of girls that they are truly interested in. He most likely just saw you as a fun person to hang out with during his summer vacation in Europe.

    Hence, try not to read too much into his message to you that told you that you had the wrong person and to stop searching.

    He is most likely keen on not allowing his interaction with you to become more than a simple summer fling.

    This means that the message that you feel is coming your way is unlikely to happen.

    His lack of romantic interest most likely doesn’t have much to do with you coming on too hard.

    Again, he probably just saw you as someone fun to hang out with during his summer vacation and nothing more.

    Thereby, it would be to your benefit to avoid allowing your feelings to become even stronger for this guy.

    If you allow yourself to keep thinking about him, your feelings will get stronger and this will only lead to further attempts to connect which will only turn him off even more.

    Indeed, he may ultimately choose to block you on both Messenger and Facebook if he were to experience continuous unwanted messages from you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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