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    i have a crush whith a lady at work but we work in differnt places so there is no direct contact at begining i was seen her every 2 or three days accidently but she never look at me or make eye contact but i lokk at her alot oneday i was at jer office she was nervouse after whill i think she fells i like here but she never even smile or look at me and i do the same so one day i saw here at staff eating room i looked at her she look at me say hi whith no reactions but she keep monitor me when i talk i laugh i eat but when i look at her she look away last time i was in her erea she came and simle and say goodmorning and look at me in my eye today the same she say hello and when i smiled and say hello to her 2 times just to her not even to the other guys there on a goofyvway she was just want to laugh loud but she stoped controll herself and stop it now in the last 15 days i feel that she avoid the places that i was seen here in i dont know why is she avoid me or there is a chanse whith here because i really like here a lot

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