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    so there is this guy..i love him and he loves me back ( not sure anymore ) and we r together sence 2 years…we break up.and comeback together all the time idk why we can’t stay away fr.each other..
    but he has that cold personality that hurts me a lot…and lately he was acting like he doesn’t want me anymore…so i ignored him for more then a week ….he was calling and stuf…then i answered after 5 days of him calling…
    and then he said what’s wrong…i.said I’ll send u a msg …he was like okay…
    i sent him a msg telling him..he hurt me by the way he he was acting…and that i wasn’t answering bcs i didn’t wanted to and bcs i didn’t know to say..and i said this in my msg ” i was feeling confused about you lately and i don’t wanna be woth someone who isn’t sure about me in his life..u have me and i love you…either you treat me right and keep me…or treat me bad and lose me…”
    and he.saw the msg but didn’t reply … it’s been a week already..
    what is going on with him ?????
    I’m lost…

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