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Hi Dalip,

The only surefire way to know whether she likes you is by asking her out.

So far, she has flirted with you occasionally and has asked you about what you like in girls.

These may be indicators of attraction.

However, unless you make a decisive move on her, she may not act on any form of attraction that she may or may not have for you.

She told you that she is talking to someone.

However, she also told you that she is still looking for the right one.

This may be your opportunity, as long as she isn’t emotionally attached to the person that she is currently talking to.

However, the sooner you ask her out, the better.

If you wait too long, your window of opportunity with her may pass and she may only start looking at you as a friend.

If this happens, it would be very difficult to get her to think of you as a romantic prospect.

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