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Hi Radwa,

He may not have given this a chance because, as he told your friend two days later, he just didn’t feel the chemistry with you.

He told your friend that he wanted someone like his sister because she may possess certain characteristics that he would want in a potential girlfriend.

It may have had nothing to do with you not being posh or intimidating enough.

For all you know, he may prefer women that are more genteel and warm.

He left because he had spent enough time with you to surmise that the chemistry just wasn’t there.

Even though you are a really nice person with many good qualities, you may be finding it difficult or hard to meet someone because you aren’t putting yourself in the right environments to meet someone that would be compatible with you.

It may work to your advantage if you start changing up where you tend to go to socialize with people.

This change alone could make all the difference.

He probably didn’t take your number or Instagram because his mind was made up about how he felt about you.

He may have been worried that if he took your number or Instagram, he would be giving you hope and placing undue pressure on himself to court you.

You shouldn’t contact him.

He has already told your friend about what he felt.

If you were to contact him, you could run the risk of becoming the one who keeps initiating contact in the hopes that you can get him to like you.

This would only waste your time and make you look desperate.

A good way to get over this is to accept that the both of you weren’t compatible.

Regardless of how much you feel that he should have given this a chance, he already made the decision to move on because he simply felt that there was no chemistry.

He most likely didn’t believe that chemistry could happen even if the both of you were to meet again and talk some more.

The sooner you accept that there is no chance with this guy, the easier it will be for you to get over him.

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