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Hi Tafa,

A good way to approach your crush is to open up a conversation with her through either asking her opinion about something or asking her something about the environment that you are both in.

For example, if the both of you are in the same class, you can start by asking her about something to do with the class.

If the both of you work together, you could ask her something about work.

While the both of you are talking, try to make her laugh every so often by either cracking a joke or telling a funny short story.

This tends to loosen her up and make her feel more relaxed.

In order to avoid the friend zone, you should start flirting with her relatively soon.

You should aim to start flirting with her by your next conversation and then observe how she responds.

If she responds well, there’s a good chance that she may like you.

If you want to attract your crush, you need to keep your conversations with her interesting, fun and enjoyable.

Then, you’ll need to ask her out relatively soon.

Doing this is absolutely essential in helping you avoid the friend zone.

It also prevents you from spending too much time trying to warm her up to you, thereby risking the possibility that she could lose interest in you because she’s thinking that you’re either playing games with her by not asking her out or that you are just not that into her.

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