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Hi Marshy,

Your guy friend in whom you love may be so mean, rude and blunt to you because he may get the sense that you are very into him.

When you make a guy believe that you are really into him, it is easier for him to start being mean, rude and blunt because he feels as though he can get away with any kind of behavior.

His mates make fun of you for confessing that you like him because he wants them to make him feel as though he is above it all.

Even though you don’t believe him when he says that he never really saw you in that way, that doesn’t change the likelihood that he doesn’t like you anywhere near as much as you like him.

What you should do at this time is avoid trying to get his attention or win over his approval.

You should become more aloof and focus more so on your own life.

Avoid spending any significant time on his social media. In fact, it would be best to avoid his social media altogether at this time.

The idea here is to give him the impression that you aren’t caught up on him.

He needs to understand that you have a life of your own and you aren’t spending every waking moment wondering whether he will ever like you.

Doing this will improve the chances that he will feel compelled to start trying to get your attention in some way.

Guys like this sometimes reach this point when they notice that the girl who was once so into them is no longer feeding their ego with all the attention that she used to give them.

This could be what eventually leads him to realizing that he may want more out of this than just friendship.

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