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Hi Ariadna,

When a guy you have known and have hung out with for about a year and a half says that he has no feelings for you, it could be because he was expecting something from you emotionally and as far as his relationship with you is concerned that he hasn’t gotten.

In other words, in a year and a half of knowing you, he may have expected you to feel a certain way about him by this stage and now thinks that you don’t.

By telling you that he has no feelings for you, it is like using a defense mechanism.

He may be hoping that by telling you that, he is then able to feel better about you not being at the same place that he is at emotionally so far into your relationship with him.

He may be hurting emotionally and wants you to feel the same kind of pain.

Hence, this may be a guy who over the course of the last year and a half that he has gotten to know you, developed feelings for you.

However, he may feel as though you don’t feel the same way.

In order to protect himself emotionally, he may have told you that he has no feelings for you in the hopes that he will be able to break himself away from or keep himself from continuously having feelings for you.

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