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Hi Hailey,

His behavior so far does not necessarily indicate that he likes you or that he wants to hook up.

He seems to be more so curious about you than anything else.

This curiosity may have led him to ask about “your man.” He most likely wanted to find out whether you are in a relationship.

Being that he has been making more eye contact with you and smiling, he may be trying to gauge how you respond to this kind of behavior.

He may not have gotten that much from you as far as a clear indication that you are attracted to him and thereby, he decided to raise his game by flirting with you recently.

Again, none of this behavior indicates that he necessarily likes you.

He just seems to be curious about you at the moment.

Even though he caught you looking at him that one time, he may not be entirely sure that you are attracted to him.

Again, this may be why he has been raising his game of late in order to gauge your response.

If you are getting player vibes from this guy, it may be because you already have some kind of direct or indirect experience with guys like him.

However, it is important that you don’t judge him until you have gotten to know him a little better.

At this stage, he is not necessarily interested in you nor is he trying to make you his side chick who would only be good for hookups.

He just wants to figure you out more.

He may start flirting with you more, now that he has decided to raise his game.

It’s important that you don’t get sucked in to that.

Make sure that you find out whether he is married or has a girlfriend as soon as you can.

If you discover that he isn’t married nor have a girlfriend, it is best to foster more substantive conversations with him and avoid flirting at this time.

If you allow him to keep flirting with you without reverting the conversation to more substantive topics that gives him an opportunity to get to know you and vice versa, you may fall for him too soon.

Being that you already feel as though he says words that only a player would say when flirting, you must avoid getting sucked into it.

The more substantive and informational your conversations are, the higher the likelihood that you will quickly determine whether he is truly a player or whether he is more of the committed, lifelong relationship type of guy.

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