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This could be for a few reasons, either he’s insecure that he’s never explored a woman’s body and feels embarrassed to tell you he’s a virgin because depending on his age that can be something that hurts his ego. I don’t know if your a virgin or not but if you aren’t, maybe he knows and he’s just lying that he is too because he wants to sound experienced. I’ve delt with a similar situation, I’m still a virgin as I should be as i am a young teenager but I dated a guy that told me he wasn’t and that he’s slept with about 7 of his ex’s, but then later on in the relationship we got into argument and I brought that up and then he said he lied and that he actually had sex once and it wasent even a very good experience and he wouldn’t count it as sex, he told me the reasoning he lied was because he wanted me to think he was experienced and knew what he was doing when talking to me. So I hope this helped you figure out why the guy your talking to is lying about his virginity.

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