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The thing is, from all my experience, I never saved or took notice on whatever I did, to spark or quick start the situations, meaning, I never actually dated, I just meet the person, or girl, we talk maybe chat afterwards, some common occasion assemble us in the same place or we agree to meet for a coffee or something… as far as I remember.

The only time in my life I actually invited a girl for something that my resemble a date was in my early teens (13/14) and it was an utter disaster, fake, superficial, boring and the poor girl had to endure me for a full afternoon. since then (long a go) I never formally asked anyone out.

I meet someone of my liking as I said, after talking / chatting encountering each other on random occasions, things sparked or kicked off, naturally and not with much of thinking on my part.

You said she might have found me interesting… maybe because I look mostly alien I guess, LOL. I am not as good looking as the worst looking guy you can see in pictures of websites similar to this was.
Confidence? Well.. its as many faces, as as far as I have read, I have none of the traditional perceived confidence guys trend to display.

I few words my posture in public would be of someone who would not give to damns about anything around myself.
Yeah I cross eyes, but so what? sometimes it is looking into a girl’s eyes or looking to her boobs or the guy next to me… so to keep it simple I just stare at the girls face.

Talking with a random stranger in person and realize that all the spark in my imagination and interest that lead me to that were bluntly wrong? and taste disappointment down the throat? I don´t look forward into that.

Well, thank you for your reply.


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