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Ok I was in a long distance relationship where my bf was older, so I kinda can relate but not really lol. He could of ghosted you for a few reasons, maybe he didn’t feel comfortable talking to someone younger, he could of lost interest, maybe not ready to love someone, that’s why he was afraid of hurting you, or he might be seeing someone else. Somtimes guys don’t like to give reasoning to why they stopped talking to you, but it might really be that he started getting serious with someone else and didn’t wanna feel guilty while talking to you… but that is only a possibility. He seems like a travler, maybe he just wasent ready for commitment. He really shouldn’t be messing with your feelings by ghosting you and then flirting with you, I know it might be hard but it’s proably best you move on because I’m sure you can find someone better. And don’t feel crazy because hes the one who can’t make up his mind! It’s not your fault. He just seems confused and has commitment issues. He canceled your date, he’s on and off coming into your life, hangs out with you one day and ghosts you the next, can’t stay in one country, and all in all just doesn’t seem fit for a serious relationship at the moment. Girl listen to me, I know you may be attached to what he once had to offer, but it’s been a year since you met him and things change. You need to find someone else that will make you just as happy as he once did, someone that won’t play with your feelings. I wish you the best of luck!