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This is a beautiful friendship you have here but please consider the following: that you are right about her having feelings for you and, she may not be sure about whether other girls are nice or mean (she sees you as a brother and so is looking out for you). I very much doubt the latter because usually, if a girl was a friend and close like a sister, she wouldn’t go through your phone and be jealous of you contacting other girls. I see she is interested in you but for some reason may not be ready for a relationship, doesn’t yet consider you as someone she wants romantically and also, has no romantic relationship with a guy and so has you as a friend in the mean time, sharing the bonds of intimate friendship with you and perhaps sometimes tipping beyond. I suggest you define the relationship with her : make a decision whether or not you want to date her or just remain friends until further notice. Mind you, I suggest you date several ladies when you are ready for a commitment so maybe wait till you have figured out your life plan and then date to find a woman with whom you can best share your life with. In the mean time, focus on developing yourself as a gentleman and keep the of friendship lines clear. Continue talking to other girls and make it a point to have female friends without thinking about whether she likes that or not. If you really want her, you have to focus on developing your character and building your future. That’s what makes you seriously attractive to any woman. You must show your female friends that tou are a great guy and they would be privileged to have you. To do this, define the relationship as friendship and focus on being the best gentleman you can be. Then the girls who see you as ‘just a friend’ will begin to open their eyes. But develop yourself for yourself. And also try to limit the daily calls. Stick to a time frame of how long to talk to her and when not to. Create this gentle respect for yourself and your friendship will flourish. You don’t want to hurt yourself because of an indecisive woman who always has you at her disposal. You are another woman’s prince so work towards that 💕🦋