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Yeah, I would say that long would be love. I worked with my crush who also had a crush on me for 2 years, but other men that liked me too told my crush that I didn’t like him, and they told me that he didn’t like me ,but he was Extremely Shy around me so I didn’t know what was true. I saw my crush talking to another woman one day so when my crush ran up to me and stopped right in front of me with a box of flowers for me, I thought maybe I got in his way on the way to give them to that other woman. He just stood in front of me with his mouth hanging open so I turned around and went home. It will be 4 years soon and I still can’t get him off of mind ,but I think he Might have a girlfriend now so I stay away so He will be happy even though I am So Sad. Good Luck, If you have feelings for a person let them know. I fell in love with my crush, and now it is killing me not being with him.