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Question. It’s this girl I like where everytime we talk we talk for hours I meam strong energy and connection.Can feel it. Months back we tried testing where it would go but she was going through a lot.

In Recent months we connected back and chemistry was still there. going out. just enjoying our company. I could tell she like me but is hiding it. it’s like everytime I say something like complimenting her she say thanks and try to get out of that and talk about something. like avoid it. Like sometimes she talks to me like she so into me then the next day it be like a “awwww thanks”

One problem I do have is to stop calling her babe or sexy because obvious it’s not doing anything when at a time she was calling me those names

we still talk everyday well almost can laugh for hours. I just feel she don’t want to give me everything and keeping it on like “a hi and let’s just laugh no talks about us type of thing”

I don’t know. I can’t call it

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