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Talk to him. You’ll regret it if you don’t. I once had a crush on a guy my first year of freshman year in highschool, all there was were exchanges of staring up ’til my senior year. My senior year was when he finally broke the ice and started talking to me, our converstaion was so smooth, we clicked so well. After that we’d find excuses to talk to each other, until he got a girlfriend.. Once he got a girlfriend I was so mad at myself for not being able to tell him how I felt, I had many shots to do so yet I didn’t! We graduated from high school and moved on with our lives obviously, oh and he’s still dating that girl. My emotions are still there though, i think about what could have been if I were to tell him how I felt before he even started dating that girl. After he got a girlfriend, i knew there had to be respect between us so I discontinued the “staring” and would avoid him when he was near me because it hurt me knowing that I liked him so much while he had a girlfriend. Now I’m here, sitting on my couch typing this and thinking “what if?” Well let me tell you, it’s too late! He’ll probably propose to her on one of these days and I’ll be here proud that he’s happy but sad because he was never mine. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t hurt to take a chance of talking to someone you’re attracted to, worst case scenario you guys will just stop talking. And if doesn’t work out then just know it wasn’t meant to be, somewhere out there there is someone who’s the one, just don’t rush it! Well this was my bitter story of my boy crush that never got to be my boyfriend haha, hope you enjoyed this.

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