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Hi Shay,

She has shown signs that would indicate that she is attracted to you.

However, she may not want to take a chance on letting that be known because she may have reservations about her own sexuality, as you suggested, but she may also have reservations about the fact that you are both at work.

A good bet to know for sure if she is interested in you would be by interacting with her outside the workplace.

Since you are interested in this girl, ask her out to lunch when you see her next.

You can be sly about it by having a few of your coworkers tagging along and asking her if she wants to come with.

Once you get her outside the workplace, it will be easier for you to gauge her.

She will most likely feel more free in an environment that isn’t as rigid as the workplace and that would give you a chance to ascertain whether she wants to take things further with you in a romantic sense.

This will come across through her body language and the kind of information she divulges during the lunch break.

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