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Hi Shay,

Time and space to think things over wouldn’t really change someone like this.

He never seemed to want to be with you as a committed boyfriend.

He liked the idea of showing you off and acting as though you were, but he never took it to the next level.

A guy like this is either still emotionally damaged from a previous relationship or he just doesn’t want to risk losing his sense of freedom if he were to agree to commit.

The fact that he responded with asking you if the both of you could be regular friends after you dumped him over text is the indicator that his mind is unlikely to change.

At that point, if he truly wanted a committed relationship with you, he would have panicked and tried to convince you that he would change.

Instead, he didn’t fight it but sent a funny meme an hour later. He did that in the hopes of making you laugh and thereby get you to reconsider his request to remain friends.

It’s unlikely that someone like him is going to change his mind even with “no contact.”

It is actually more likely that you will be the one who will start missing him at some point and ultimately break “no contact” by contacting him.

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