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Okay, so something happened to change it all. I took your advice and stopped talking to him. He then messaged me on both SMS and whatsapp asking how I was and I replied but not too seriously because I didn’t want to be hurt or confused. He then asked me out on a 2nd date, so we went yesterday and it was amazing, I’ve never felt so comfortable with a guy. I have intimacy and affection issues and I felt completely comfortable, like we held hands and had so much contact and I wasn’t scared. We said we’d plan another date soon, and went our separate ways. We messaged a bit afterwards and then he kinda stopped, although he’s been online. I did find out though that he works 3 jobs, and on top of that he has university. Do you think he’s just too busy to talk? I hate that I’m so clingy and worried, but I think it’s just something I’m going to have to work on.

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