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Hi Angel,

You are just not a priority to him.

If everything went so well on the first date and you both decided that you wanted to go on another date, he should have set that up by now.

Instead, you are the one who has been initiating all of the text messages.

That isn’t a sign of a guy who is interested.

He also told you, after you gave up on waiting for him to text you first and decided to text him, that he hadn’t even thought about messaging you.

This means that even after a supposedly great first date, you are not even crossing him mind. You are not even in his thoughts.

So no, he doesn’t like you the way you like him nor does he want to date.

It is best to move on from this guy.

If you keep initiating texts and trying too hard to get him to talk to you or hang out with you, he will not consider you to be a prize and he will only get to the point where he just stops responding to your desperation entirely.

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