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Hi Danielle,

The fact that you have never had a relationship doesn’t mean that men don’t find you good looking.

If you are always alone and not making any attempt to socialize with people, it can become a problem.

Most women that you have spoken to who have men drooling over them probably spend a good amount of their time socializing.

This is most likely why they are able to attract all these men.

If you believe that you have a decent physical appearance, the main reason why you don’t get approached by men that you find attractive could be because of your body language.

If you are always quiet and stay to yourself, you will give most men the impression that you don’t want to be approached.

Men are always looking for signs from a woman that she is either interested in them or at least, open to being approached.

If you give them the impression that you just want to be left alone through your body language, men are much less likely to approach you.

In order to improve your chances of attracting the right kind of men to you, try doing two things:

Work on being more social.

This could be as simple as taking friends, family members or coworkers up on their offers to go out on the town or just going to more social events that may involve activities that you enjoy.

Work on your body language.

This could be as simple as making more eye contact with people when you are in public and smiling.

This is the kind of inviting body language that men will respond to.

Yes, when it comes to dating, personality and appearance both play a role.

Though you may believe this to be shallow, this is just how human beings work.

Most of use are like this in some capacity.

You even mentioned that the only men who approach you or message you online are the ones that you don’t find attractive.

This shows that, just like the majority of us, you do care about appearance as well.

If you believe that you tend to attract people that seem to dislike you or that drama follows you, it may be best to start putting yourself around different people.

If you do this and still notice that you are attracting drama, perhaps it would be best to avoid talking about the usual topics that tend to cause this drama in the first place and just focus on talking about topics that are more harmless.

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