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I’m scared, I don’t know usually women make it very obvious when they like me, the looking away thing discouraged me but then I catch her staring at me, the fast walk to the train too but then she eats lunch with me in the break rooms and gives me a portion of her food and tells me how her mom didn’t let her eat candy as a kid or date boys, or that she left a previous job because the tech was bad for breastfeeding, then blushing when we bump into each other later that day.

I can’t relax. I’m losing my machismo and charisma around her.

When I first met her I looked into her eyes intently and smiled, she was blushing the whole conversation.

When I took pictures of the team and her she was blushing uncontrollably I never seen a girl do that for me and believe me I had girls go crazy for me but never seen a girl relieve her blush so to speak after I take picture.

Then I hardly see her, what am I supposed to do at work next time I see her? go to the office and randomly ask for her number?

What if shes seeing someone and likes me but feels guilt that’s why she avoids?

Then again she’s SUPER shy, she was even stuttering in my voicemails asking if I could come in for shift

Help me, confused still, anymore info you need I’ll ask

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