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Ok thanks. So, on my last day at work, my crush and I were the last ones to finish up in our team. Before we shook hands and said things like “all the best” I told him I liked him. He didn’t say anything to that, I was dying inside. I went on to ask him if I can add him on Facebook, so we can keep in touch. He was okay with that. He left the room and I started to pack up my things including the leftover food from the little farewell thing we had. I was surprised to seem him come back in the room, he was looking a little happy and smiley (hot just saying this to be hopeful, it did happen o.O) But I was in shock from the ‘rejection’, something must’ve shown on my face cause he didn’t wait for me anymore. That night I sent him a friend request, he accepted soon after. I messaged him, can’t remember what but he replied really politely and sorta formal but he ended his message with a goodnight. I think a week later, I messaged him again and he did the same thing but this time he was on holiday in Fiji (totally forgot). When he ended the conversation again, it really upset me and I felt he was rejecting me. I also felt humiliated because I thought he was taking the mickey out of it. I thought what is the point of being FB friends when he doesn’t want to talk to me you know. So I decided to unfriend him and block him so I can also move on. Couple weeks later I noticed another colleague of mine blocked me and we’re not friends or anything on there so I thought it wasn’t a coincidence. I just want to know if he like me or not. There are other things from the 2 years we worked together but in this one I really made my move even though it’s not gonna happen. I think I wanted to hold on, I couldn’t accept the idea that this was it.

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