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Hey Luke, so this situation in particular is a biggie. I’ve made baby steps to move on from this person. Just want to clarify the questions I’ve asked are for 3 different people > the older gentleman, the supposed friend and my crush (who I need to move on from). Okay, I still check my crushes social media mainly because I am idle. I’ve been idle in my free time for the past couple of months, eversince I decided to check his social media again after keeping away since the end of 2018 (or it just started again once I really became idle). A lot of thoughts have gone through my mind and I have to say I haven’t let go of the “relationship” and the closure. I got to a point that it’s him or no one. So one of my spiritual goals is to get baptized and serve Jehovah God. The reason I couldn’t try my luck and be with this person is because we don’t share the same faith (don’t know if he has one) so I was always torn and stressed, work stress didn’t help. I ended up getting sick again or you can say a relapse, i was diagnosed with a mental illness some years ago. The point is I can’t be with this person at all. But my silly heart says otherwise. As good as it sounds, I don’t wanna meet someone else. My therapist said it’s unhealthy, my mum has been concerned she said I was lovesick and need to move on. I know I need to move on, i’ve yet to do my best to.

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