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Hi Luke, Ok when I’m At Work I will be very Quiet I dont Really Talk Alot I Do speak and I’m Very Cordial and Respectful to other co workers. My coworker barely knows when I’m at work. IM also A Sister that is Very Different from the other ladies at my job, What I Mean by that is The way I Dress I wear Skirts everday. I’m Very Temperance and Meek Spirited. Is that something I need to be More Open About when I’m Working with People? Also I do find the Guy very handsome I Also found out he has a Girlfriend. I do look at him he is a very attractive guy, but we have never Talked to each other alot. Only time we talked is when I started My First week on the job he asked me How do I like working at the Job. He is Not a loud Guy, He carries his self with standards I like that in Guy. I myself Is Very meek Spirited and I dont Talk alot I’m around alot Of Toxic People and Drama at my Job I Dont want to be apart of the Madness. A Few Months With me Working on the job I was coming to work I walked past my crush, I didnt make any eye contact with him, In the process of me starting work I was in the break area By myself And my crush walked past me and told me I looked really nice. What was he trying to tell me? Also Later On I was sitting in the same break area Where I always go for my breaks or lunch and Him and One of his Friends Walked past while I was on my phone he told me to stay off my phone. Why Will he tell me that? Later the same exact day he was Leaving work with the same friend and He said it to me again. Than a week later while We where at work I was walking to my work area and I heard a comment from his friend and the comment made was DONT NOBODY LIKE YOU .I pretend like I didnt hear him which is I did. But I ignored him I proceed to my work area, Why Would His Friend Say that? While I was waiting For my supervisor to give me Instruction to work I noticed his friend that made the comment staring at me From a Distance. Why was he staring? Also The same week I was assigned to work at the same work area as my crush and while I was walking To my work area my crush and Another one of his friends were joking with each other. But As soon as I came next to my crush he and his friend stopped talking it got really quiet! Can you please help me to understand.

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