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Hi Luke,

so now the situation is the same but the approach is repetitive as in liking photos and commenting and all of that. But one time he commented on a story of mine and we had a longer talk than usual asking more about me and what my job is about and so on giving me positive feedback and a general boost. The next day he popped again to our chat asking if I was going to that specific party as he saw me in the interested people list on facebook so he said I thought if you were to come I would see you as he was going with his work buddies. How to interpret that ? Does he want us to become closer friends or more ?

generally he is more active on social media than before so you could be right that he is just exploring just for fun.

But I dont know how to react as I am not really 100% attracted but still intrigued by the approach and want to know more what’s that about. Since that day he didnt send me again although I reply with excitement and I’m nice to him so I’m not pushing him away or anything. Are these mixed signals or is it just normal chatting ?! I’m a bit confused what to think. I feel like he talks to me when he gets the chance but he doesnt approach me on his own its always after a story or a certain post. Could he be shy ? or what ? Shoud I approach him as well to pull him back or just leave it as it is ?

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