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Hi Luke,
So there’s an update. We finally kind of broke the ice after two months of non-talking or any sort of intro whatsoever since we’ve known of each other’s existence. For the past weeks I’ve been initiating and asking him work related questions and even called him by his name a few times, subtly indicating I know his name and am acknowledging him.
Finally last week he suddenly started talking to me and asking me some questions back, although work related. It’s still a very weak connection but up until today it’s still less than a week since we first talked but I noticed he’s been teasing me. He may have picked up that I’m someone who jokes if he saw me interacting with others but what does it mean if he’s comfortable joking with me and just teasing me so soon after just talking?
It’s still extremely difficult to read him since he seems to have the serious face at times, like today and it’s so intimidating. I can’t tell if he’s upset or what. We haven’t really had any legit conversation yet but the ice is somewhat broken. A colleague also subtly told me that he was taken and although I expected it, I can’t be 100% sure if he was being serious.
How should I be reading his actions?

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