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Hi Shy Teen,

Teasing can be a great sign of romantic interest.

However, in this particular instance, the teasing may only be for show.

Merely done to get you excited but with no real intent to take things any further than that.

Though he may compliment you from time to time and wink at you, he may simply be playing games at those moments.

Indeed, it does appear that he is mocking you to a certain extent.

He has even been brazen enough to talk about you to other people when you were within hearing distance.

All of this sounds like a guy who just doesn’t take you all that seriously.

He will banter with you but then turn around and make fun of you to other people behind your back.

This shows that he doesn’t have much respect for you.

A lack of respect would often indicate a lack of romantic interest.

He may tease you and even flirt with you on occasion.

However, he just does that for the momentary boost to his ego or the short-lived thrill.

It may not be wise to allow yourself to become too emotionally caught up on this guy.

A guy like this will only get more brazen and insensitive towards a person like you as time goes on.

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