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Hi Nick,

It doesn’t appear that she feels the same way.

She may have a lot of time on her hands in the morning and your shop is just one of her stops.

Even though the both of you have made eye contact on occasion, she hasn’t really responded in a way that would indicate any kind of romantic interest.

On occasion she has turned around and walked off upon making eye contact with you.

On other occasions, she has turned around and walked off but returned a couple of minutes later.

None of this indicates that she feels the same way about you in terms of attraction or interest.

However, a good way to go about talking to her is to put yourself in a position where you know that she will run into you.

If you can get away from your work station for a few minutes without getting into trouble, you should go to the shelves that she normally browses and appear as though you are working.

Once you see her approaching, turn to her, smile and ask her if you can help her with anything.

If she says yes, this would be your opportunity to talk to her and get more information about her as you help her out.

If she tells you that she doesn’t need any assistance, let her know of any specials or sales that your shop may be having.

This is even more effective if those specials or sales cover some of the items that you have seen her purchase in the past.

To have this kind of information, it would be wise to start observing what she purchases when she comes into the shop.

This will give you an opportunity to prolong your conversation with her if she tells you that she doesn’t need assistance.

Now that you have either assisted her with something or told her about a special or sale, she is going to be familiar with you.

This means that the next time she comes into the store, as long as it is fairly soon, she may acknowledge you with some eye contact and a smile when she browses the shelves at your side of the store.

Be sure to position yourself at the shelves a few times a week.

Conversation will become a lot easier with her the more she sees you and the both of you proceed to engage in small talk.

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