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Hi Emily,

Yes, it is possible that a woman can be deeply in love with a man and still decide to move on and end the relationship.

However, you shouldn’t focus on the ways you can go about killing that love.

A more effective to move on is by gradually allowing yourself to progress beyond that love, instead of looking to kill it.

If you look to kill it, you will be looking for a quick solution and that is not how you move on.

Seeking a quick solution may temporarily make you feel as though you have moved on.

However, those feelings of true love will often resurface with a lot of might in due time.

It was never gone. It was merely latent.

This is because you were desperately trying to kill that love and be rid of it.

Instead of using that approach, be more gentle.

Start engaging in new activities that interest you.

Try doing activities or going on adventures that are out of your comfort zone.

Start discovering yourself.

Begin the process of healing by finding your value and acknowledging it each and every day.

Divorce yourself from doing things that would remind you of this person that you are trying to move on from.

Instead, find new ways to enrich your life and discover what you are all about.

Oftentimes, you may have to travel, socialize, exercise, meditate, read, sing, relocate, change your job or career and so on in order to discover yourself.

Do what needs to be done and focus on making your life as rich and rewarding as possible.

In time, you may be surprised when you realize that you haven’t even thought about this man in months.

This is when you know that you have moved on.

It is about easing your life into a new path.

If you focus on trying to find ways to kill that true love, you would only find temporary solutions that will lead you right back to square one all over again.

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