Does A Person’s Height Matter In Attracting A Partner For Dating?

Does A Person's Height Matter In Attracting A Partner For Dating?A person’s height does matter.

As a guy, you are better off being taller than not.

Women are attracted to tall men.

At minimum, she is attracted to a man that is taller than her.

If you are a short guy, this is fortunate news for you.

A woman’s average height is about 5 feet 4 inches.

A guy’s average height is about 5 feet 9 inches.

Even if you are shorter than the height of an average man, as long as you are taller than 5 feet 4 inches, you are taller than most women.

This means that you meet the minimum threshold in height that women look for in a partner.

This is why you mustn’t be discouraged if you are a short guy.

Short men get so caught up on height, several of them develop a bad attitude.

He becomes too quick to judge women for picking tall men over him.

This is when he is showcasing how bitter he is, which is a considerable turnoff for women.

A woman isn’t attracted to a man that is constantly emotional about his height.

This screams to her that the man doesn’t have confidence.

Confidence in a guy is a huge barometer that women use in assessing whether they are attracted to him.

A short man that exhibits bitter behavior over his short height, gives off an unattractive energy.

It tells her that you aren’t confident in who you are as a person.

You are so concerned with being short, you are dwelling on what you lack, instead of your better qualities.

Where you are deficient in height, there are qualities that you have that make up for that.

Unfortunately, when your primary focus is on your short height, you never give a woman a chance to see the qualities that you have that are appealing.

All she sees is a bitter short man.

A man who is jealous that she has a preference for tall men.

A guy that is incapable of having a conversation with her without giving off an inferior energy in relation to his short height.

This is what she sees and how she judges you.

You never gave her a chance to see that you have amazing humor, intellect, knowledge, etc.

She doesn’t know that you have leadership qualities or have a big heart.

All she knows is that you are a bitter short guy who is envious of men that are taller than you.

Although a person’s height matters in attracting a partner for dating, it isn’t everything.

There are a variety of qualities you have as an individual that are significant.

Women aren’t monolithic in how they go about picking a partner.

Notwithstanding that she has a preference for tall men, this doesn’t preclude her from being attracted to a variety of qualities in a man outside of his height.

Your imperative as a short man is to showcase these qualities.

When you do this, you open yourself up to attracting a wide gamut of women, irrespective of their height preferences.