Do You Consider It A Deal Breaker If Your Date Has Friends Of The Opposite Sex?

Do You Consider It A Deal Breaker If Your Date Has Friends Of The Opposite Sex?A date that has friends of the opposite sex is fraught with peril.

Your first instinct is to be weary that your date has so many names of members of the opposite sex on her phone.

Even worse when you see that she has more male friends on her social media than female friends.

The thing is, there is good reason to consider making it a deal breaker if a date has friends of the opposite sex.

It’s not that she is consciously intent on sleeping with these men.

It’s more so that these men are waiting on the wings, and want to sleep with her.

This is the unfortunate truth in situations where a girl has a boatload of guy friends.

Almost all those guys would sleep with her if given the opportunity.

That is the harsh reality of relationships of this nature.

Although her intentions are pure, and she wholeheartedly wants to have these men as friends, the men are not of the same mindset.

Yes, they are fine with being her friend, but many hope for a day when she demonstrates romantic interest in them.

This is why these situations are so complex.

Your date wants to have normal platonic relationships with these guy friends, but these guy friends are like wolves in sheep’s clothing, waiting their turn, praying on the day they get their chance to sleep with her.

These guys have shoulders for her to cry on when she is sad or upset.

Should she become your girlfriend, and you get into a fight with her, who do you think she is running to for comfort?

You got it.

Her friends, several of whom are men.

She wants to get their opinion on why you said what you said, being that they are men too.

She cries on their shoulders and they comfort her.

In these moments, she is emotionally compromised.

She is at her weakest emotionally, which means that she is susceptible to being manipulated by one of these men who see an opening to sleep with her.

She had no intention of putting herself in this position.

As far as she is concerned, he is a good platonic friend.

Yet, he has a different agenda.

Remember, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Next thing she knows, she is crying in his arms, and soon after, they are kissing.

Just like that, he has gone from a platonic friend to a hookup.

Meanwhile, you are at home, wondering where she is, wanting to talk about the fight and resolve it.

The truth is, it isn’t a given that your date is going to cheat on you with one of her many male friends, if you make her your girlfriend.

But, it is a powerful probability.

If she has a ton of male friends that are perpetually single, the risk is that much greater that infidelity is around the corner.

You are better off making it a deal breaker if your date has friends of the opposite sex.

It makes your life in dating less complicated.