Do Single Women Mind Being Hit On In Public By Guys That Are Attracted To Them?

Do Single Women Mind Being Hit On In Public By Guys That Are Attracted To Them?It’s all about the approach.

As long as the approach is done appropriately, single women don’t mind being hit on in public by a guy.

Where so many guys go wrong is in their approach.

There are guys who are rude about their approach.

Instead of being polite in how they open up the conversation, they are brash and rude towards the woman, exuding an arrogance that is unappealing.

They call her a name that they shouldn’t.

Calling her babe, honey, hottie, foxy, etc., aren’t endearing to her at any measure.

Calling her a name that he thinks speaks to her appearance is going to turn her off.

He doesn’t know her personally.

This is the first time he has ever seen this woman.

And yet, he is calling her a name that he thinks suits her physical appearance.

Single women look at this approach as totally rude and are already turned off by the guy before he has attempted to introduce a topic of conversation.

The same can be said about guys who holler or whistle at the woman as she is walking by them in public.

Whistling or hollering out at a single woman as she is walking in public makes her feel like you are dehumanizing her.

She doesn’t want to be treated like cattle.

She is a human being with an identity.

Guys that use this approach to hit on women in public have already turned the woman off before they release the next sentence from their lips.

She is upset that she is being dehumanized, and no matter what the man says to follow up the whistling and hollering, she has tuned out.

The man is the enemy that has dehumanized her by choosing to whistle or holler at her to get her attention as she was walking in public.

She doesn’t want to hear anything else he has to say.

He is already a bad guy in her mind.

When it comes to hitting on single women in public, everything comes down to the approach.

Single women in this day and age still want to be pursued by men.

Regardless of how far society has come with technology and development, men and women are still the same at their core in terms of what they want from each other.

It is a man’s biological imperative to chase a woman and a woman’s biological imperative to be chased.

This is how it has been since humankind graced the earth.

Irrespective of how far women have come in matching men in education and career achievements, there remains an innate biological desire to be wooed by men.

To this end, single women don’t mind being hit on by men in public.

What matters is how the man approaches.

You shouldn’t overthink the notion of approaching single women you see and are attracted to in public.

Overthinking only makes you talk yourself out of approaching the woman.

Make your approach.

But do so appropriately.

Don’t call her names, thinking that you are being endearing.

Don’t holler or whistle at her.

Rather, be polite in how you introduce yourself, and as you talk to her, address her by her name.

Being that you are a stranger, put her at ease by maintaining an appropriate distance as you talk to her so that you are not invading her personal space.

Smile and respect her time by keeping it brief.

She has somewhere she needs to be.

Ask for her number or give her yours, if that is her preference, and let her be on her way.

Single women don’t mind being hit on in public.

You just have to do it right.