Do Pretty Women Have Inherently Worse Social Skills Due To Years Of Being Spoiled Over Their Looks?

Do Pretty Women Have Inherently Worse Social Skills Due To Years Of Being Spoiled Over Their Looks?As a rule, pretty women don’t inherently have worse social skills.

There are pretty women with great social skills and those without.

True, years of being spoiled over her looks does have an effect on some pretty women.

Nonetheless, a pretty woman that grows up in an environment like this had parents that used her beauty as their source of pride.

She wasn’t encouraged to be modest or to strive for academic or professional achievement.

Instead, she was fawned over and her bad behavior and rudeness towards friends, family members and strangers were excused by said parents.

These are parents that were living vicariously through their daughter’s beauty, grooming her to become a woman with no respect for her fellow human beings and an exaggerated perception of her own value.

These are the pretty women that you have dealt with.

Unfortunately, you are part of the problem.

You gravitate to this caliber of pretty women.

The pretty woman that was raised poorly and taught to rely on her beauty to get ahead in life.

This is why it feels as though every pretty woman you engage with has bad social skills and is rude.

She grew up with parents who looked at her as their pride and joy.

She was used as a tool to cover up their failures, shortcomings, and dearth of substantial accomplishments in life.

When you take this caliber of woman out on a date, you are sure to be at the receiving end of her poor etiquette and social skills.

A pretty woman like this grew up in a desperate environment, with parents that were incapable of giving her a fulfilling childhood.

Basically, she had to grow up fast.

She learned how powerful her beauty was at an early age.

Knowing this, she decided to use her beauty as her ticket out of a desperate situation.

With this as her goal, she became adept at showcasing and accentuating her beauty as she grew up.

The impact this had on those around her was profound, especially men.

As a pretty woman, so much of her validation comes from men.

All through the years, men have been far too accepting of her poor social skills and rudeness, making her reluctant to change anything about her social acumen.

After all, men are so enamored by her beauty and expect so little from her, she has never felt compelled to be better.

This being said, all isn’t lost.

As aforementioned, there are pretty women who have inherently good social skills.

These are pretty women who weren’t raised to rely on their physical looks to get ahead.

Her parents put an onus on her to perform and excel at school.

With this attitude, she had to be humble.

In several circumstances, these are pretty women who aren’t all that aware that they are pretty.

They aren’t as showy in how they wear their makeup, preferring instead to keep how much they apply to a minimum, so as to maintain a natural look.

The thing is, you don’t notice these modest pretty women.

Being a quintessential guy, you are instantly drawn to the pretty woman that is unabashedly showing off her beauty.

Her face is bedecked with makeup and her clothing is seductive.

You are making a beeline to talk to this pretty woman when you see her at a nightclub.

Unfortunately, you are not going to the areas the modest pretty women who have good social skills occupy.

And when you do come across this modest pretty woman on the street, or on a train, you don’t notice her.

Of course you don’t.

She isn’t all dolled up.

If you want to talk to and date pretty women that have inherently good social skills, get out of the thirst traps that are nightclubs and establishments of this ilk.

Go to libraries, get involved with nonprofit organizations, volunteer at an animal shelter or go to church.

The pretty women who are modest in appearance and temperament, who are raised to use their brain and social skills to be a valuable member of society, occupy these spaces.