Do Guys Really Mind If A Woman Is Slightly Chubby But Active?

Do Guys Really Mind If A Woman Is Slightly Chubby But Active?Guys are all over the board with what they are attracted to.

There are guys who are attracted to women that are slim, stocky, athletic, chubby, etc.

You see, there is so much room for you as a chubby girl to attract a guy.

Keeping this in mind, being slightly chubby doesn’t make you undesirable to every guy.

The key is that you are confident in yourself and accept yourself for who you are.

When you exhibit a personality that looks like you are unhappy about being slightly chubby, you give off the wrong vibe.

This is a vibe that attracts the wrong kind of guy.

The guy that realizes that you are unhappy with how you look and decides to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, there are men who see a slightly chubby girl who appears to be unhappy with how she looks, and move in like predators to take advantage of this perceived weakness.

He knows to charm you first, giving you compliments on your looks, but he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He tells you what you want to hear, bolstering your ego so as to ingratiate himself to you.

Once he has you melting at his every word, his true intent comes to light.

He is cajoling you to do him favors that you aren’t all that comfortable doing in every instance.

As you do this for him, he rarely reciprocates.

He is getting you to give him money, sex, gifts, etc.

Being that he is a guy that complimented your looks and made you feel good about yourself, you struggle with the idea of letting him go.

So you keep at it, giving him what he wants, and losing so much of your pride and value as you do it.

This is what awaits you when you let the fact that you are slightly chubby affect your self-confidence.

Taking into account that you are looking for someone to date at this time, giving off an air of confidence and self-assuredness is absolutely critical.

It keeps you from attracting the wrong type of guy to you.

Rather, you attract a guy who is interested in you with no ulterior motives.

If you remain doubtful about whether a guy really minds dating a woman that is slightly chubby, do an experiment the next time you go about your day.

Take a look at all the couples that you see.

It won’t take long for you to realize that the guys that are walking around with their girlfriends arm in arm have an eclectic taste in who are they dating.

These guys are walking around with women that are slim, stocky, athletic, chubby, etc.

It runs the gamut.

This is what reality is.

When you get caught up in the anxiety that your chubbiness induces in you, it creates a perception that isn’t true to what reality is.

Confidence in yourself is key.

As a woman that is slightly chubby but active, this should make you feel that much more confident that you are living a healthy lifestyle.

As long as you have a good attitude, you are destined to attract men to you, and the right ones too.