Do Guys Like Women Who Do Small Talk Or Women Who Do Meaningful Talk In Relationships?

Do Guys Like Women Who Do Small Talk Or Women Who Do Meaningful Talk In Relationships?Small talk is fun in relationships and have there place.

So does meaningful talk in relationships.

There is a place for either in a relationship.

A healthy relationship has a good dose of the two.

Small talk is good when the guy is in a fun environment and is looking to have lighthearted fun with the woman he is dating.

A woman that has the social awareness to adapt to the environment she is in with a guy is critical.

When she is in a fun and social environment with him, she should know what type of talk is appropriate.

When she doesn’t have the social awareness to realize that she is in an environment that is conducive to small talk, she is at a disadvantage.

Without reading the environment, she chooses to have meaningful talk with him, when all he wants is small talk as they play a game of mini golf or go on a leisurely drive.

This is ill-advised.

An unawareness of when to have small talk or meaningful talk puts her at risk of turning the guy off.

It demonstrates she doesn’t have social awareness, or has such a rigid personality that there are no other dimensions to her.

This is not beneficial to the woman.

You must have social awareness and adapt accordingly.

When you engage in small talk with a guy in the appropriate venues, you are showing him that you have social awareness and a multidimensional personality, which is incredibly attractive to a guy.

It means that he won’t have to worry about being in situations where you are forcing conversations with him in the inappropriate environments.

Meaningful talk is more appropriate when the occasion calls for it.

This is especially true when he is the one that brings it up.

A guy that starts talking to you about his goals in life is letting you know that he is open to having a meaningful conversation with you.

In fact, it would be beneficial to you to have a meaningful conversation with him in these moments.

He wants to gauge how you think.

Are you capable of giving him smart feedback on a serious topic?

Do you have good ideas?

Ideas that are applicable to his situation.

When a guy introduces a serious topic as he converses with you, he is gauging how you process serious information and how you respond to it.

It would do you good to be helpful to him in moments like this by giving good advice.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of giving advice on serious topics you know nothing of.

Some women make this mistake when they are trying to impress a guy.

He sees right through it, and it is a turnoff.

If you don’t know much about the topic, be honest about that to him.

Follow that up by letting him know about what you have knowledge about.

It’s probable that something you mention in this moment draws his interest and he asks you a question in reference to it.

In this moment, he is putting you in your element in asking about a serious topic that you are knowledgeable about that could be beneficial to him.

Having meaningful talk in the appropriate moments and around topics you are knowledgeable about is the right way to go about it.