Do Guys Like Successful Girls And Girls That Have A Lot Going On?

Do Guys Like Successful Girls And Girls That Have A Lot Going On?Guys like successful girls.

This being said, her success isn’t what completely enamors him.

Guys already know that they have a burden of performance when looking for a partner.

Women are highly attracted to successful men.

Men know this.

As a result, they work on having a lot going on in their lives and building their success.

Men know that these are qualities that women look for in men.

Men, on the other hand, aren’t as concerned with the success of the woman that they choose to date.

Although her success is a good quality, he is more concerned with her beauty.

If given a choice between a successful girl with a lot going on who isn’t beautiful, and a beautiful girl who isn’t successful and doesn’t have a lot going on, he is choosing the beautiful girl.

This is a massive contrast from what a woman would choose.

Given the same choice, a woman chooses the successful man that has a lot going on but isn’t handsome.

This is why you have to be careful when you are looking to attract a man by using your success.

As a successful girl, you are looking for the same qualities in a man.

Your preference would be to date a man who is just as successful as you or more.

Although success is a huge requirement you have in what you are looking for in a partner, don’t make the mistake of thinking that men have the same level of desire.

Yes, dating a successful girl is a bonus, but he is more concerned with other qualities that you have.

As aforementioned, with men, beauty is the number one factor.

This is closely followed by femininity.

He knows that the burden of performance is on him in terms of what he brings to a relationship financially.

In our society, regardless of how far we have come, we remain traditional in expecting men to be the breadwinners in a relationship.

This is what puts the onus on men to be successful.

This is why men work hard to be financially sound and to have social status.

This makes him so much more attractive to women, including you.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t strive to be a successful girl.

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious and pursuing a lucrative career.

This being said, do not get too caught up in believing that a guy would want a successful girl who has a lot going on, in regards to who he wants to date.

Yes, he loves the fact that you are successful, but he prefers that you showcase your beauty and femininity.

This comes before everything.

Should you get too caught up in being successful, you give him the impression that you don’t need him.

Men are biologically programmed to be the provider.

This role has been expected of them since the dawn of man.

When you are too focused on being successful, it is as though he is dating himself.

Basically, you are emitting the same aggressive qualities that he possesses, as you are focused on being as successful in your career as he is in his.

This takes the provider role from him, leaving him wondering about what his place is in the relationship.

A healthy relationship is predicated on either partner having a specific role.

When his role in the relationship is muddled, he struggles to find his footing.

This leads to a relationship that is fraught with fights, and doomed to fail.