Do Guys Find Tall Girls Unattractive And Choose Not To Date Them As A Result?

Do Guys Find Tall Girls Unattractive And Choose Not To Date Them As A Result?As a tall girl, it’s not surprising that you are thinking yourself as unattractive.

You have struggled to get guys to ask you out on dates.

Even though a few of them have seemingly been interested, even going as far as telling you that you should model, nothing has ever come of it.

This has you wondering whether guys find tall girls unattractive and choose not to date them as a result.

Here is the truth about all this.

Guys do not find tall girls unattractive.

It’s likely that the guys you come across don’t know how to handle a tall girl.

They make an assumption that you would prefer a guy that is your height or taller than you.

To this end, they choose to not make a move on you or ask you out.

Similarly, the guys that are your height or taller than you see you and find you attractive too.

The difference with these guys and the shorter guys is that they have a plethora of choice in women.

The guys your height or taller don’t approach or ask you out, being that they are desired by a horde of women.

Women are attracted to tall guys.

Whether these women are short or tall.

They are drawn to tall guys.

Like you, they want to feel as though they are being protected by him.

They love that they can wear high heels without having to worry about appearing taller than him.

And, they love how everyone else looks up at him.

It makes him command a room whenever he is present.

This is power.

This is enticing.

This is what she wants to have on her arm.

A tall man that is powerful, respected, and a protector.

You see, women who are far shorter than you want a tall man for the same reasons that you want one.

This means that men that are your height or taller are going to be constantly pursued or fawned over by women at large.

With this much attention from women at large, he has no motivation to pursue you.

He already has a throng of women showing him attention, desperate to date him.

It so happens that these women are short or shorter than you.

But, it doesn’t matter to him.

Unlike women, men aren’t all that concerned about the height of the woman they date.

They place a much higher priority on her beauty, physical fitness and femininity.

Although you might be all of these, he has a bevy of women who possess the same qualities as you do that are throwing themselves at him.

Why would he take a risk in talking to you and asking you out, when he could just as easily go out with a girl that is already fawning all over him, making it assured that she will say yes if he were to ask her out?

As much as guys love to chase a woman, they love a sure thing too.

It’s less work for him to talk to the girls who are clearly fawning over him, as opposed to approaching you and risking rejection.

That is why you are struggling to get these men to ask you out.

It’s not that they are unattracted to your height, it is more so that they have chosen the path of least resistance.

They talk to the girls that are already bedazzled by them.

And since men don’t care anywhere near as much about height in a partner as women do, he has no problem dating women who are way shorter than him.