Do Guys Ever Get Hit On By Married Women, And If So, How Often?

Do Guys Ever Get Hit On By Married Women, And If So, How Often?Guys do get hit on by married women, and it happens more frequently than you would think.

Married women are far more subtle with how they hit on a guy.

This is unlike married men.

Married men are a little bit more direct in how they hit on a woman.

Married women on the other hand can hit on a guy and he has no idea that he was hit on.

Being a woman, she doesn’t want to be too aggressive in how she hits on a guy.

This is further pronounced when she is a married woman.

As a married woman who lives in a world where there is a high divorce rate, the bulk of which are initiated by women, there is a high probability that she is unhappy in her current marriage.

This opens her up to the prospect of hitting on a guy she deems attractive.

It is left to the guy to have the wherewithal to know when he has been hit on by her.

A married woman is subtle in how she hits on a guy.

She looks at him briefly and looks away when he catches her eye.

She does this several times.

A guy who is clueless about how married women hit on guys, looks at these moments as mere coincidence.

After all, she doesn’t smile at him whenever he meets her eye.

She doesn’t smile for a reason.

She isn’t comfortable with being too obvious about her attraction for him, so she doesn’t smile when he catches her looking at him.

In using this tactic, she has plausible deniability.

She can use the excuse that she met his eye a few times by sheer chance.

Being that she doesn’t smile at him, she is keeping herself from being found out.

A married woman hits on guy by indirectly complimenting him.

Instead of complimenting his fitness or physicality outright, she asks him about what gym he goes to.

And follows up by telling him about how often she goes to said gym or that she has been curious about checking it out, so as to relate to him.

In using this tactic, she is demonstrating that she is attracted to his physicality.

Yet, she never directly complimented his physicality.

She asked him about what gym he goes to.

This is how she indirectly hits on him.

Nonetheless, a guy who doesn’t have an understanding of how married women hit on guys is unlikely to pick up on this.

A married woman that is attracted to a guy that she wants to hit on makes a conscientious effort to hide her wedding ring finger when he is in the vicinity.

If she doesn’t take it off, she does everything she can to hide it from view.

To do this, she puts her hand in her pocket as she talks to him, keeps her hand hidden in her handbag, or uses an object to block it from view.

While at it, she pretends that she needs his assistance with something.

This is how she gets his attention.

She knows that most men love coming to the rescue of a woman that requires manly assistance.

As he assists her with whatever it is, she looks him up and down, checking him out.

When she thinks it timely, she lightly brushes against him to create physical contact.

A guy who is savvy about picking up on signs of attraction from a married woman is aware of what she is doing.

But the reality is, most guys aren’t savvy in picking up on these signs of attraction, and end up missing these cues.

Married women hit on guys far more often than they would want to admit.

They are so subtle in how they do it, the predominant share of guys at the receiving end of these attraction cues, miss them.