Do Girls Sometimes Ghost Guys They Like Out Of Insecurity, And If So, What Kind Of Insecurity Would That Be?

Do Girls Sometimes Ghost Guys They Like Out Of Insecurity, And If So, What Kind Of Insecurity Would That Be?Yes, there are girls who ghost guys they like out of insecurity.

An insecurity that comes from a fear that she doesn’t match up to him in looks, personality, lifestyle, status, etc.

Girls are just as frightened of rejection as men are.

When she has a perception that a guy is out of her league, she is prone to ghosting him.

This is especially true with girls that are shy or socially awkward.

She is already not all that confident in herself.

A guy that she deems to be out of her league shines a light on this lack of confidence that much more.

Before he came into the picture, she was already insecure about herself.

She wasn’t confident about her looks, whether it be with her face or body.

In regards to her face, she doesn’t like her nose, jawline, eyes, etc.

She thinks her body isn’t shapely enough or thin enough.

When it comes to her personality, she doesn’t deem herself interesting.

Although she has friends, she isn’t the one who sticks out.

If anything, she is the one that lags behind, and doesn’t say all that much.

Her status in her friend circle is in the lower rungs.

With all of this to contend with, a guy that is so clearly out of her league in her mind presents an unwelcome challenge.

She has already deemed herself unworthy of him before anything has transpired between them.

On the other hand, you think this girl is attractive.

She has a physical appearance that you are typically attracted to.

As far as you are concerned, her nose, jawline and eyes are perfect.

Her body too.

She is built perfectly.

No flaws there either.

Her personality seems perfect too.

She has a demeanor that appeals to you, matching the personality of girls that you have dated in the past.

Those intrinsic personality traits are present in her, and that makes her that much more attractive to you.

She doesn’t believe that you see her in this light.

She was already insecure in herself before you came into the picture.

To this end, she can’t help but make herself believe that she isn’t a suitable match to you.

To her, you have the perfect face, body and personality.

These are all attributes that she doesn’t believe she possesses.

Even when you are the one who makes an approach and a consistent effort to get to know her, this doesn’t rid her of her insecurity.

Every time you initiate a conversation with her, she is wondering why you are giving her this attention.

Being that she doesn’t believe that she matches up to you, she is worried that you are giving her this attention with nefarious intentions.

There are so many other pretty girls that are available to you.

She has seen how they look at you whenever you are out and about.

She deems these pretty girls to be so much better than her.

Given this insecurity, she doesn’t want to make herself believe that you like her.

Internally, she develops a defense mechanism.

She forces herself not to fall for you.

After all, the attention you are giving her must be some kind of hoax.

A hoax she doesn’t want to fall for.

To further protect herself, she chooses to avoid you by ghosting you.